Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back in town

Trying to reboot the blog habit and since blogger has kept this saved for me why not reuse??? Once again I have more free time than sense, so lets dive right in. Now I just need to remember how to do everything like pictures (is flickr still around and what the hell is my password?) and links and well just everything. Please be patient -as if anyone is around after 3 years of nothingness...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Once summer is over (my estimation this didn't really happen until the first week of December-I am deluded like that), I do a quick closet cleaning of all the summery things that never managed to get off their hangers and out into the sunshine. While on this purge, I started noticing a trend in my clothes. The i-would-wear-this-if (fill in the blank: hem was fixed, straps were shorter was actually my size). This pile soon grew bigger than my donation bag. Thank the heavens I have a mother with some skills and a sewing machine.

(from leftish to right) black skirt taken in from size 12, tank with straps shortened by 3 inches, back hem fixed on Kennth Cole top so it so it no longer looks like my butt is trying to ravage my top, purple tank and red dress got their bottoms hemmed since a certain American company that makes Apparel couldn't be bothered to and the roll of fabric that keeps rolling up is just not attractive, black sundress with straps shortened only by 2 inches, GAP splurge purchase couldn't resist their designer white shirts and this just didn't look right until the back darts were taken in more, raincoat with precarious button -lets just say it was hanging on by a thread (ohhh sewing humor!), pair of athletic pants that had shrunk to highwaters got chopped at the knee for cute sportyness attire and not shown a brown skirt that is still in surgery at my moms house.
So it took about 3 hours of seam ripping, cutting, thread matching and hem pinning while my mother worked the sewing machine for all this to get done. the upside: didn't cost anything and I now have a closet where everything fits. Will relish the moment.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Apologies all around
So my energy for this new space took a huge nose dive after a week and has been in rehab ever since.
But now I am jobless and ridiculously bored -how could that not be a recipe for blog success???
Lets let bygones be bygones, forgive forget and move onto the next phase of our relationship.....
Hmmm still giving me the cold shoulder-
Well try and resist me now....
see more puppies

(thanks so much for awesome-O pic)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Clean Dozen

Don't mean to give the impression that I am sooo filthsome that I need a dozen soaps to cleanse myself but my current cache of bodywashes and scrubs suggests differently. I know the large bottle of Dawn in the back is especially suspicious but seriously "Tough on grease, soft on hands" what more could you want from a bodywash??? This is just the most extreme example of stuff I am hording. I am trying to come to terms with my stock-up collections -mascaras, lotions, chapsticks, I have too many "extras" of stuff. Yes I will use all of this eventually but the other day the thought that I would have to pack up and move bottles of unopened bodywash that first came into my possession years (YEARS!) ago makes me think it is time to be a bit more conscientious of my current stock and necessities.


I didnt set out to have the ugliest breakfast this morning just sorta happened-really looks like it has already been somebody's breakfast. In case you care to intentionally do the same: vanilla yogurt, banana, homemade granola and ground flax seed. Stir and eat cold.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Push it Good x 100

Pushups-the exercise we all left behind once we had to stop taking the presidential physical fitness testing.
I am such a sucker for a ridiculous physical challange (a la Double Dare) so when i saw this site to train to do a 100 pushups i couldnt resist. Not just to strengthen up my lower back but i do so enjoy anything that transforms my arms into "guns", being able to intimidate the beejezuz out of small children, the elderly and my boyfriend, ripping the lids of sealed jars, punching through drywall. I have big plans for the biceps of mine -eventual world domination

"Sooo," you say with arms crossed and suspicious expression on face," Chuckette Norris exactly how many of these pushup can you do???"

"uhhhhh....... 6"

I spose the world is safe from my tyranny for now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bold new world

I had a great time at my last blog address and it has been many months since i ceased to exist at Not Enough Purple. While i do not have endless work hours to shop online for cravings and cringes, hopefully working at home will mean more personal pics and slightly deeper topics. I still have a ridiculous tendency to jump from one trend, fad, interest to the next so look forward to posts on:
-training to do a 100 push-ups
-mourning the loss of
-activities to pass the time on conference calls
Glad i could whet your appetite.
Until we meet again